AudioCodes MediaPack MP-114 VoIP Gateway

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Analog VoIP Gateways (MP-11X, MP-124)

The AudioCodes MediaPack™ Series of analog VoIP gateways are cost-effective, best-of-breed technology products. These stand-alone gateways provide superior voice technology for connecting legacy telephones, fax machines and PBX systems with IP-based telephony networks, as well as for integration with IP PBX systems.

Fully interoperable with leading softswitches and SIP servers, MediaPack gateways are ideal for commercial VoIP deployment due to their mature and field-proven voice and fax technology. Their rich feature set allows integration with a wide range of carrier and enterprise network applications.

2 to 24 Analog Ports | Zero-Touch Provisioning | Standalone Survivability | T.38 Fax Compliant

Wide versatility
Provides voice, fax and modem support

High resiliency
Standalone survivability (SAS) and fallback to PSTN for E911 (emergency number PSTN breakthrough) or upon network/power failure

Broad interoperability
Proven integration with leading PBXs, IP-PBXs and softswitches

Superior quality
Toll quality voice compression

Enhanced capabilities
Includes MWI, long haul, metering tones generation and caller ID

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