Black Box Async RS232 Extender over Fiber - DB25 Male, ST Multimode

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Extend Async RS232 data beyond the 50 ft limitation using multimode fiber at data rates up to 76.8 kbps and reach distances of 2.5 mi. (4 km).

  • Reach distances of 2.5 miles (4 km) at any speed.
  • Use with multimode fiber cable.
  • Autosensing 110-220-VAC power supply ensures reliability and continuous transmission.
  • Transmit data at up to 76.8 kbps.
  • Support RS-232 async, bidirectional transmission.
  • Switch-selectable DTE/DCE option. Set to perform like a DTE so it can communicate with another DCE device. No special cables are needed.

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