Black Box CAT5e Patch Panel - 1U, Unshielded, Angled 48-Port (Up)



  • Ideal for retrofitting data cabinets.
  • Features angled RJ-45 connectors on one side and straight Krone/110 dual IDC connectors on the other.
  • Saves time and money by eliminating horizontal cable managers in front of the panel.
  • Great for strain relief and maintaining bend radius.
  • Meets or exceeds CAT6 requirements.
  • Rolled-metal construction provides strength for repeated punches.
  • Choose from CAT5e and CAT6 24- or 48-port models.

Save space and time in the data center with this 45° Angled-Port Patch Panel. The connectors tilt upward at a 45° angle making patching easier. Because the cables flow upward smoothly and don't protrude, you can save two, four, or more inches in front of every panel. You'll especially appreciate those extra inches when retrofitting cabinets with newer, deeper equipment. If you've run into situations where cabinet doors won't close or need to be removed to accommodate cable, you'll never go back to straight panels.

Plus, because there is a nice upward cable flow, you can eliminate horizontal cable managers, saving a bundle of time and money. You also get the bonus of not having to worry about bend radius and strain relief.

  • Close quarters? This patch panel features 45° angled connector modules to save space.
  • Save two, four, or more inches in front of every panel.
  • Choose from panels with ports that angle down and/or up.
  • Guaranteed for life!

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