Black Box Composite Video-Stereo Balun

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  • Guaranteed for life!
  • Send Composite video and audio signals over inexpensive CAT5 UTP cable.
  • Designed for point-to-point systems.
  • Built-in color-coded cable leads make installation easier.
  • Use with DVD players, VCRs, satellite receivers, laptops, projectors, cameras, video switches, digital video servers, and more.
  • Send audio signals up to 3250 feet (990.6 m).
  • Features a full 20 Hz to 20 kHz audio bandwidth for hi-fidelity systems.
  • Send Composite video signals up to 2200 feet (670.5 m).
  • Ideal for use in classrooms, training centers, kiosks, and more.
  • Transmit Composite video and stereo signals over one inexpensive CAT5 cable instead of three coax cables.

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