Black Box Data Tap - DB9, MM-M



Data Taps provide a simple and inexpensive way to create your own "X" or "Y" cable using various lengths of straight-through cable.
They also offer an easy way to monitor data without interrupting data flow or users. Several possible combinations of gender connectors and mating hardware are available

RS-232 Tap:
Three DB25 connectors enable you to monitor RS-232 data lines. Or connect two terminals in parallel to one RS-232 port. All 25 pins are wired straight through to all three connectors.

DB9 Tap:
The DB9 Tap features three DB9 connectors for monitoring RS-232, RS-422, 802.5, and other data lines. All 9 pins are wired straight through.

DB25 Tap:
This data junction box features four DB25 connectors with all 25 pins wired straight through.
  • Tap into and monitor active lines with a data scope.
  • Monitor RS-232, RS-422, or 802.5 communication.
  • Three DB9 connectors: (2) data connectors and (1) tap connector.
  • All nine pins are wired straight through.

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