Black Box DIN Rail-Mounted Surge Protector, PoE Mode B (RJ-45)

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Use this DIN rail surge protector anywhere in your 19" rack. It is easy and quick to install in-line.

The DIN rail surge protector uses an avalanche diode and thy-ristor technology. Low shunt capacitance reduces signal loss. It protects your high-speed, high-energy equipment from in-line surges at the interface card.

  • Protect data lines with state-of-the-art avalanche diode and thyristor technology.
  • Maximize uptime by protecting data lines at the source.
  • Low shunt capacitance reduces signal loss.
  • Fit up to 16 compact in-line surge protectors in only 1U of rack space with our Rackmount DIN-Rail Shelf.

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