Black Box Extreme Media Converter Switch

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BLACK BOX Extreme Media Converter Switch do more than just adapt from one cable type to another. They're true Ethernet switches and behave like switches within your Ethernet network. This means you can connect them together indefinitely without worrying about interrepeater links. Each Media Converter Switch features non-blocking switching architecture with a 2K MAC address table. The 128K buffer memory makes it easy to interconnect 10- and 100-Mbps devices.

  • 24-VDC power input.
  • Includes DIN rail mount kit.
  • One 100-Mbps fiber port and two 10-/100-Mbps RJ45 switch ports.
  • Fiber interface is MM, ST, 2km range.
  • Suitable for dusty or dirty environments with a temperature range between -40 and +167� F (-40 to +75� C).

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