Black Box Hinged Raceway 2800 Series

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  • Features an easy-open, snap-close latch design.
  • Flexible co-extruded hinge provides flexibility and durability - even with repeated openings and closings.
  • Adhesive backing for easy installation.
  • Durable PVC material resists impacts and corrosion.
  • Nonflammable, self-extinguishing characteristics and tested to comparable specifications of UL® 94V-0.
  • The ivory finish can be left as is or painted to match your decor.
  • Compatible with our GigaStation2 Surface-Mount Housings, Wallplates, and Snap Fittings.
  • It also accepts industry-standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers.
  • Two other sizes are available.

Do the runaround.
Instead of breaking into the walls and trying to set up complicated wiring systems, run your cables along the walls. With our Hinged Raceways, you can install cables along your walls in a neat, orderly manner.

A versatile routing system.
The raceways provide an easy solution for running cable in conference rooms, offices, classrooms, training centers, even small and home offices. They also solve the problem of how to run cable in historic buildings where you don't want to disturb the walls and in structures with concrete and block walls where you can't penetrate the walls easily.

Choose your cable.
You can use these raceways with almost any type of cable: CAT5e, fiber, coax, telephone, and more. They're ideally suited for data, voice, video, and other low-voltage cables of 50 volts or less. The raceways and components all have non-flammable, self-extinguishing characteristics, and are tested to comparable specifications of UL® 94V-0.

Durable and accessible.
One of the biggest advantages of Hinged Raceways is how accessible your cable is. If there's ever a problem, or if you need to change or reroute cable, you can. All you have to do is pull open the raceway, then snap it shut. A special co-extruded PVC hinge design provides flexibility and durability to withstand repeated openings and closings.

Easy to use.
The one-piece design and adhesive backing make these raceways easy to handle and install. Choose from a large selection of fittings to complete your system. For even more compatibility and versatility, the raceways also accept industry-standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers. This gives you a seamless and aesthetically pleasing system for running your cables. You can also paint the raceways to match your decor.

Three sizes.
Choose raceways in three widths, depending on how much cable you need to run in one raceway.

  • 1X1/2"
  • One-piece design is easy to handle, easy to install. Just cut to the size you need.
  • Holds UTP, STP, fiber, coax, telephone, and other low-voltage cables of 50 volts or less.
  • Run cables neatly along the perimeter of walls.

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