Black Box Industrial Ethernet Extender Remote Unit - G.SHDSL 2-Wire, 15-Mbps

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Ethernet extension, especially in harsh environments, is now incredibly easy and economical. You can connect industrial Ethernet devices and remote LANs over your existing a single CATx voice-grade twisted pair cable at speeds and distances you didn't think possible.

Get the best possible speed
Make connections at speeds up to 15 Mbps and across distances ranging from 0 to 6.4 miles (10km). An auto-rate feature senses the ideal speed/distance configuration and ensures that you achieve the highest possible speed on each connection. While you can configure your desired rate via DIP switches or Telnet, if conditions aren't ideal, the extender will automatically set the rate.

Withstands temperature extremes
This rugged extender can withstand temperature extremes of -40° F to 185° F so you can use it to connect Ethernet-enabled industrial devices such as sensors, cameras, security equipment, etc. It's ideal for use in transportation systems, manufacturing, and other harsh, remote environments. The aluminum enclosure meets IP40 specifications and a DIN rail clip is included. The unit is designed to be used in a controlled environment and not to be exposed to the weather.

Use in pairs
This remote unit is designed to be used in pairs with the local unit. For multidrop runs, choose the multidrop unit.

Quadruple your connections
The remote extender features a built-in, four-port, auto-sensing 10-/100BASE-TX Ethernet switch so you can connect four devices instead of one. A built-in auto-MDIX (automatic medium-dependent interface crossover) means you can use either straight-through or crossover cable, whichever is handy, to connect your Ethernet devices. There's no fussing.

Easy setup
Plug-and-play means that you'll be up and running in seconds. The auto-MDIX also detects the polarity of the cable on each port and automatically configures the signaling to match. There's no user configuration on your part whatsoever.

The extender operates at layer 2 and transparently passes all higher-layer protocols including VLAN tagging, multicast addressing, VPN pass-through for IPsec, and all IP-video compression schemes. All common industrial protocols are also transparently supported, including MODBUS/TCP and PROFINET IO. In addition, the extender features automatic learning, aging, and filtering to keep local traffic local ensuring efficient utilization of the long-range link.

LB532A-R Distance Chart

Distance on CAT5/5e/6 UTP, 24 AWG (0.5 mm)

Far reach
The extender has a max reach of 30 km.

Line Rate (kbps)Mileskm 192 4.3 6.9 256 4.3 6.9 512 4.2 6.7 768 3.7 5.5 1024 3.5 5.6 1280 3.5 5.6 1536 3.5 5.6 2048 3.1 5.0 2304 3.1 5.0 4608 2.1 3.4 5696 1.7 2.7
  • Extend your industrial 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet connections at speeds up to 15 Mbps and get the best combination of speed and distance available
  • Use to connect industrial Ethernet devices and remote LANs up to 6.4 miles apart
  • Economical - use your existing CAT5/5e/6 voice-grade twisted pair cable
  • Tough - meets IP 40 specs and withstands temperatures of -40°F to 185°F
  • Ideal for connecting PCs, sensors, IP cameras, and other network-enabled devices
  • Easy switch set-up. No user configuration required
  • Autosenses the data rate up to 5.696 Mbps to provide the most reliable connection depending on your environment.
  • Select rates via DIP switches or console Telnet
  • Includes a built-in, four-port, auto-sensing 10-/100-BASE-TX switch
  • Built-in auto-MDIX means you can use straight-pinned or cross-over cable

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