Black Box JPM087R2 Mounting Bracket - TAA Compliant

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  • Dual hinges slide into place - without tools - for super-fast installation and enable easy access from the left or right.
  • Power up your hubs simply by attaching your power strip on the back panel.
  • Velcro strips secure cable from the wall to the patch panel.
  • Flip a patch panel down 110 degrees for super-easy terminations and maintenance.
  • The square hole in the center of the back panel enables you to run the cable through the wall and the bracket when wall-mounting.
  • Provides 4U total rack space - 2U for modular connections and 2U for hubs.
  • Slides out from 10 to 15 inches (25.4 to 38.1 cm) to accommodate various size hubs.

Designed for LANs with 20 - 40 drops, the Bracket Master from Black Box is easy to install and very user friendly. It provides 4U of total rack space - uses 2U for modular connections and 2U for your hubs. Don't worry if your hubs are of different sizes. Simply adjust the Bracket Master by sliding out the sides from 10 to 15 inches. Once you attach your patch panel, making terminations couldn't be easier. Just flip the patch panel down 110 degrees. When you're done, flip it back up. If you need to power your hub, there's space at the back of the bracket just for your power strip.

To keep cables organized, the Bracket Master comes with eight Velcro® strips for bundling cable from the wall to the patch panel.

For long-lasting durability, the Bracket Master is made of rugged 14-gauge steel. It holds all standard 19"-wide equipment.

  • Weight capacity of 50 pounds (22.8 kg).
  • Guaranteed for life!
  • Ideal for small networks of 20 to 40 drops.
  • Side panels are self-locking.

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