Black Box Metered Rackmount PDU with Front and Rear Outlets

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The metered PDU LCD display shows the current power draw in amps. The metered PDU only has one function button, MUTE, located next to the display. The metered PDU's alarm sounds when the current draw reaches 90% of capacity (13.5 amps). The alarm can be turned off by pressing the MUTE button. When the current draw excedes 90% the maximum current rating, the alarm cannot be muted, and the PDU alarms until the current draw is reduced.
  • The 6-foot (1.8-m) power cord is NEMA rated.
  • NEMA 5-15R rated outlets on both front and back for extra convenience.
  • Fits in only 1U of rack space.
  • Has 6 front and 8 rear outlets.
  • Features 15-amp overcurrent protection.
  • Alarm sounds if overcurrent is detected.
  • Amp meter measures AC current flowing through the outlets and shows current draw on a digital LCD readout.

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