Black Box QSFP+ Module

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Make High-Speed Connections in Your Data Center

The QSFP+ transceiver supports speeds up to 40 Gbps, making it the perfect connectivity solution for 40-Gbps Ethernet applications, high-performance computing (HPC), servers and data storage. It features hot-pluggable transceivers that make installation easy. And this transceiver has full-duplex, parallel interconnects (four transmitting and four receiving data lanes).

Send Data Long Distance

This QSFP+ transceiver allows you to make long-distance connections in your data center with optical fiber. It can transmit network signals up to 100 meters over OM3 fiber and up to 150 meters over OM4 fiber.

Low Power Consumption

You do not have to worry about this transceiver consuming too much power in your data center. It requires less than 1.5 watts of power, meaning your electrical bills stay low.

  • Features reliable VCSEL and PIN photonic devices
  • Transmits signals up to 100 meters over OM3 and up to 150 meters over OM4
  • Low power consumption (less than 1.5 watts)
  • Compliant with QSFP+ SFF-8436 industry standard
  • MPO connector
  • Supports up to 4x10-Gbps bidirectional operation

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