Black Box RM254A Rack Frame

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Tough, self-squaring racks with a high-grade finish. Constructed of high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. Easy to assemble;they're self-squaring and self-supporting. This product works with: Premier Cable Managers (RM122-RM125, RM128-RM131) Premier Cable Manager Hinged Plexi Doors (RM132-RM133) Solid Premier Rack Shelves (RM135-RM136) Vented Premier Rack Shelves (RM137-RM138) EliteHorizontal Cable Managers (ECMH1US, etc.) Elite Horizontal Cable Manager Tie-Down Bar (ECMTDB) Elite Vertical Cable Managers (ECMV45U6, etc.) Elite Vertical Cable Manager Rear Post & Gate Kits (ECMVPG6) Questions? Contact our FREE Tech Support.

  • Weight capacity of 750 to 1000 pounds
  • Guaranteed for life!

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