Black Box RS232 DBL Shielded Cable W- Metal Hood 25 Cond DB25M-F 75Ft.

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  • NEC® CL2 compliant. For connecting computers inside a building. Not for use in risers or plenums.
  • Low capacitance.
  • All conductors are straight wired for connecting the serial output of your computer to a switch box.
  • Male screw locks are standard.
  • Perfect for industrial applications near heavy machinery or in environments with high EMI/RFI.

ED/Q cable features a stranded twisted-pair construction covered with two shields. A shorted aluminum-foil shield attenuates high-frequency emmissions. A copper-braid shield attenuates low-frequency emissions.
  • Feature a foil shield plus an 85% tinned copper braid for extra protection against EMI/RFI transmissions in noisy office environments.
  • Molded, nonremovable hoods.
  • Guaranteed for life!

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