Black Box Slotted-Duct Raceway - 2"H x 2"W, 67"L, Black

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  • Constructed of rugged - yet lightweight PVC material.
  • Raceways run flush with one another for increased density and a neater appearance.
  • Optional Raceway Covers' latch design fits ""fingers"" snugly.

The innovative ""fingered"" design of the Slotted-Duct Raceway System creates wiring slots that securely hold wire and cable - with or without the optional Raceway Covers.

Simply detach as many ""fingers"" as you need to change the routing scheme as your system grows. Finger edges are rounded to prevent cable abrasion.

Choose the height and width to match your application.

  • Guaranteed for life!
  • Innovative "fingered" design holds cable securely in place and enables quick and easy changes.
  • Cable pass-through holes for improved cable management.
  • Slotted holes provide for flexible cable mounting.

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