Black Box Steel Distribution

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Two fully , Tapped Rails rails for mounting TIA/EIA standard equipment. Easy to assemble. Bolted units for fast disassembly. Black finish. Variety of heights available;one is perfect for your needs. For an organized computer room, mount all your equipment in a distribution rack. These racks offer a low-cost alternative for mounting your equipment and are popular for use in secure computer rooms, where access is limited and locking cabinets aren't needed. They give you functional mounting capability without the cost of a fully enclosed cabinet. All racks are 21.5" wide and are drilled and , Tapped Rails with 10-32 holes and spaced for standard 19" TIA/EIA mounting. Three different heights are available. The racks are easy to assemble and take apart. Bolts make it simple to disassemble for compact storage.
  • Guaranteed for life!
  • The 47U and 40U racks now have extra reinforcements for even more stability.
  • Feature holes on the front and back of the vertical rails for mounting accessories on both sides.
  • Constructed of rugged, economical steel.
  • Ideal for mounting patch panels, hubs, shelves, and more.

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