Black Box Video Splitter - VGA, 2-Channel, 230-VAC



  • Quick setup. Just plug in your monitors and snap a few DIP switches.
  • The 300-MHz bandwidth gives you sharp images at any resolution: VGA, SGA, and XGA.
  • Includes one 6-foot (1.8-m) VGA input cable.

Sharp images. Long-distance video distribution. The versatility to handle a variety of applications, in any kind of environment. These qualities - and more - have made the Black Box® VGA Video Splitter an industry favorite.

A single splitter enables you to transmit displays from your CPU to two monitors 250 feet (76.2 m) away. And if you cascade multiple splitters, you can transmit to as many monitors as necessary. What's more, the 300-MHz bandwidth provides clear images at any resolution - VGA, SVGA, and XGA®

Setup is simple. Just connect the cables from all monitors to a splitter and flip a few DIP switches. That's all it takes to project what's on your PC's screen to multiple monitors.

Typical applications.

The uses for a VGA Video Splitter are practically limitless, but some applications are especially popular:

  • On a factory floor where it's unsafe for CPUs, but your workers need the information to do their jobs - with a splitter, you can distribute information to workstations on the floor while maintaining CPUs in separate rooms.
  • In brokerage firms, stock exchanges, and day trader offices - one video splitter enables you to run real-time ticker crawls across multiple monitors while another splitter puts up-to-the-moment business news on other monitors.
  • Anywhere you have closed-circuit TV (CCTV) feeds - splitters are perfect for CCTV monitoring in corporate buildings, department stores, hotels, entertainment venues, and stadiums.
  • Education and training - a splitter enables you to do more with video in classrooms or for business training and presentations.
  • Industry shows - create multiple attention-grabbing video kiosks or walls of video with a splitter connecting multiple VGA screens.
  • Digital signage - make use of VGA monitors to create video signage that enhances external and internal communications.

  • Cascade units to transmit to as many monitors as you want.
  • Adds power to displays, demonstrations, classrooms, even manufacturing facilities.
  • Provides the distance you need. Send PC video up to 250 feet (76.2 m)!

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