Black Box Visual Light Source Pen for Fiber

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  • Features a 650-nm wavelength and a 2-Hz modulated frequency.
  • Use to test patch cables, distribution panels, splice trays, and more.
  • Two AA alkaline batteries provide 15+ hours of operation.
  • Provides 1 mW/0 dBm of output power.
  • Includes a universal SC/ST/FC connector.
  • Auto-off function prolongs battery life.

  • Having trouble with data getting garbled over your fiber optic network? Not sure if the problem is equipment or cable? Start troubleshooting with the Visual Light Source. This compact, pen-style light source is a must have in every fiber technician's tool kit.

    Use the Visual Light Source to determine if the problem is a leak, a break, bad connectors, or poor splices in your fiber optic network. You'll be able to locate sharp bends and breaks in jacketed or bare fiber connections in patch panels and fanouts.

    The compact Visual Light Source has an output power of 1, 3, or 5 dBm. Two alkaline batteries provide 15+ hours of operation. A universal SC/ST/FC connector is compatible with both single-mode and multimode fiber optic cable.
    • Finds faults in the dead zone of an OTDR.
    • Works with jacketed and bare fiber.
    • Identifies bad connectors and poor splices.
    • Isolates light leaks or breaks in single- or multimode fiber optic cable.

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