Califone 8200-HP Headphone

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This lightweight stereo headphone is ideal for casual listening. Its adjustable headband, on-ear earcups and recessed wiring make it a convenient and comfortable headphone for multi-purpose classroom applications, computer labs, libraries and listening centers.

Its 3.5mm plug fits all computers, tablets (such as iPads and Chromebooks) and smartphones, making it an economical alternative for online assessments.
  • Fully adjustable, lightweight headband fits all students
  • Recessed wiring resists prying fingers for classroom safety
  • Soft and comfortable ear cushions
  • On-ear ambient noise-reducing earcups
  • Windows and Mac compatibility
  • Permanently attached cord
  • Connects with MP3 players, tablets, media players and computers
  • Warranty for school use - unlike headphones purchased at a consumer electronics store whose warranties would be voided if used in schools

  • Connects with your devices via a cord to ensure worry-free signal quality while listening
  • Hear every detail crisp and clear with a frequency response of 20 Hz-20 kHz
  • Just plug in Nickel Plated connector and enjoy listening to your favorite songs
  • Ear-cup design provides optimum comfort and noise isolation

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