Califone Deluxe 3066AVT Headset

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The 3066AVT headset is designed for digital learning and language-based assessments requiring verbal responses.

Its noise-reducing microphone is designed to pick up the student's voice - not those around them, while the noise-reducing earcups help to minimize external distractions and keep students on task.

The universal To Go plug makes the 3066AVT ideal for connecting to the most popular mobile devices and desktop computers in classrooms, computer labs, and testing environments.

The audio playback is calibrated to enhance the tonal range of the human voice, which is critical for language learning.
  • Slotted baffles prevent speaker access from damage
  • Replaceable leatherette ear cushions
  • Noise-reducing electret mic encased in rugged steel housing
  • smartphones and other mobile devices
  • 6' straight cord long enough to avoid accidental pull out
  • 3.5mm To Go plug for use with computers, tablets,
  • Volume control conveniently located on earcup Reinforced entry point of the cord into the earcup
  • Noise-reducing circumaural earcups lower external noise so volume needn't as high, for hearing safety
  • Fully adjustable headband
  • Rugged ABS plastic headstrap with "Comfort Sling" better distributes the weight for increased comfort

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