Cisco C881G-4G Ethernet, Cellular Wireless Router - Refurbished

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Cisco C880 Series and Cisco C890 Series 4G LTE Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) extend 4G LTE support to the existing Cisco 880 Series and Cisco 890 Series ISRs. The Cisco C880 Series and Cisco C890 Series 4G LTE ISRs are based on the Sierra Wireless MC7304 modem and Cisco C880 Series and Cisco C890 4G LTE Series ISRs can support higher data rates compared to 3G in both up link and down link directions with 4G LTE support.
  • Experience high-performance and reliable wireless connectivity to the Internet and other offices
  • Access USB-compatible peripherals accross the wireless network via built-in USB port
  • Provides electric power over RJ45 ports along with data to devices on your network, such as IP cameras or network equipment
  • Link your router traffic to your wired network with the Fast Ethernet port
  • Desktop installation - Ideal for deployments outside the wiring closet

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