IOGEAR Video Console-Extender

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IOGEAR's DVI-D CAT5e/6 Extender with Stereo Audio gives you the distance between the 1080p (1920x1080) media source and the HD display unit by you're connecting by up to 130 feet. It consists of a local sending unit and remote receiving unit connected by two standard solid CAT5e/6 twisted pair solid Ethernet cables. Additionally, you can extend up to 200 feet at 720p resolution.

The DVI-D CAT5e/6 Extender with Stereo Audio is ideal for home installation, retro-fitting, retail environments, show rooms and large worship centers where remote displays are required. The DVI-D CAT5e/6 Extender with Stereo Audio is also useful for control and security purposes, where you can have the system unit in a secure area at the same time that you put the display in an area that is convenient for viewing.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Metal casing
  • Rack mount kit included
  • HDCP Compliant
  • Video Equalization can be adjusted manually
  • Up to 200ft for� 720p resolution
  • Supports widescreen formats
  • Up to 130ft for 1080p resolution
  • Keep digital signage system / computer out of sight and place your DVI display up to 200ft away
  • Extend your DVI-D� video & audio signals through two Cat 5e / Cat 6 cables

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