JAR Systems Ready-to-Go Power Bank Kit - KIT4AD45PBYL - 4 Portable, 20,000 mAh Power Banks, 4 USB-C AC Adapter Charging Cables, and 4 USB-C to USB-C Charging Cables



Easily Add Portable Charging to Any Station or Cart Keep devices active by charging them while they're in use. Active Charge Power Banks provide a better way to keep devices active with portable power access. Enable students to charge their devices at-the-desk without running extension cords or device chargers across the classroom. The ability to power devices anywhere means work doesn't have to come to a halt due to low batteries. Flexibly add supplemental charging for any devices needing an extra boost to extend use and cut down on work disruptions. Deliver a fast charge to Chromebooks, tablets, laptops and other compatible devices.
  • All-in-One Bundle: Save time and get everything needed to power banks to stations or carts.
  • Charge Devices Anywhere: Portable power banks allow students to charge any place on campus without the need for outlets or a device charger.
  • Reduce Classrooms Disruptions: Save instruction time by eliminating low-battery down time with accessible charging at-the-desk.

  • Charge devices anywhere without the need for outlets and extension cables.
  • 4 rechargeable 20,000 mAh power banks, with 65W output
  • 4 USB-C PD AC adapter charging cables, for devices and power banks
  • 4 USB-C PD male to USB-C PD male cables
  • Power Banks and charging cables come with 1-year warranty

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