Lenovo Foundation Service + Premier Support - 5 Year Extended Warranty - Warranty

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Lenovo Premier Support service provides a new level of support for the data center. We know the challenges you're facing, and we will provide the expertise, the convenience and the dedication to help take the complexity out of today's demanding data center environments. You'll benefit from:

  • Direct access to Lenovo's most advanced technicians
  • Faster problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Single point of contact and end-to-end problem resolution
  • Collaborative third-party software support

Let Lenovo's comprehensive data center support make the most of your technology investment - and free you to focus on meeting service delivery goals that give your business a competitive edge.

  • Helps you make an intelligent investment decision regarding the future of your equipment
  • Features Parts Replacement service that helps you handle any mishaps
  • On-site support provides fast and easy approach to solve the issues

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