LG V CBV42-BP Zero ClientTeradici Tera2321

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Why Cloud Computing

Efficiency and High-level Security

LG offers various zero client form factors. LG's many different kinds of zero client line-up can add value to your work environment with better performance.

LG Zero Client

Powerful & Secure Cloud Computing

CBV42-BP with teradici PCoIP® performs HW decoding, which helps CPU to enable more tasks and save battery life. And no data will be found once CBV42-BP is unplugged, so users can experience high level of security.

Multiple Ports

Enormous Expandability

(1) Microphone In
(2) Headphone Out
(3) USB 2.0
(4) DVI-I
(5) DisplayPort
(6) Gigabit Ethernet

Fanless Design

Only the Fanless Design

The fanless design of the CBV42-BP helps to create a more pleasant office environment by decreasing the noise from the Thin Client as well as decreasing the heat it emits.

  • Easy Installation
  • Fanless Design
  • Extended Connectivity Options
  • Teradici TERA 2321 Chipset with PCoIP Protocol
  • Low Power Consumption

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