Man & Machine Very Cool Keyboard

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This generously full-sized keyboard is washable thanks to its sealed electronics. The keyboard may be dipped, rinsed, sprayed or wiped with standard hard surface disinfectants. Tru-Lock, key locking feature, allows for quick workstation cleaning and disinfection without detaching from the PC. Quick-disconnect cable, with double strain relief that can be led in 4 directions. Easily detect contamination on this hygienic white keyboard. Enjoy the best tactile feedback. Add the Very Cool Fitted Drape (available in 5 colors) for additional germ protection and a one-wipe clean.


Pair the Very Cool Keyboard with the Very Cool Fitted Drape. The raised key design helps you find your proper typing position while supporting tactile feedback. The Very Cool Fitted Drape provides a one-wipe cleaning solution for your existing hygiene protocols. Replaceable Fitted Drape can be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized using standard hard-surface cleaners or an Autoclave.

Very Cool Fitted Drape available in 5 colors: White, Black, Red, Blue, and Yellow

  • Conveniently allows you to enter data faster with maximum efficiency
  • USB connectivity for a easy connection with your Computer
  • Full-size Keyboard keyboard/keypad feature for maximum efficiency and convenience
  • Keyboard with computer device support for maximum efficiency and convenience
  • Plug and Play your keyboard with the Mac and go

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