Monoprice PS-2 Y Splitter Cable for Notebook

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PS/2 Y Splitter Cable for Notebook

Some older laptops, such as the IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad, the Dell Inspiron 8100, and the Dell Latitude C610, have only a single PS/2 port for using an external keyboard or mouse. However, these ports are wired in such a way to allow the use of both a PS/2 keyboard and a PS/2 mouse at the same time by using a special splitter cable, which re-routes the wires to the proper pins. This adapter cable is designed for this application.

Note that this is not a true 1:1 splitter. It is designed specifically to use with one of these older systems with the keyboard/mouse functionality on the single PS/2 port. Please refer to your system documentation to verify that it is designed and wired for this dual functionality of the single PS/2 port.

  • This Data Transfer Cable provides splendid performance and clear connectivity
  • Features PS/2 cable type

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