Pyramid 500-3700 Time Clock Universal Time Cards

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Use these universal time cards in Pyramid 3000HD, 3500, 3550SS, 3600SS and 3700 Side-Loading Time Clocks. Heavy-duty cardstock provides a dependable way to track employee attendance. The seven days of the week include rows for two In/Out punches per day. Other data fields include Employee Number, Name, Pay Period Ending, Signature Line, Regular Hours, Overtime, Total Hours, Rate, Amount, Earnings, Deductions, Balance, Exemptions, Med and Social Security (FICA), Federal Tax, Insurance, City/State Tax, Unemployment, Disability, Garnishments and Miscellaneous. The 4" wide x 9" long cards also work with other manufacturer models.

  • Compatible with Pyramid 3000 Series Time Clocks
  • Heavy-duty cardstock to resist bends and tears
  • Easy to read to prevent accidental errors
  • Data fields: employee number, OT, exemptions and more
  • Universal design for other manufacturer's time clocks

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