Rocstor Rocmount Pro-M CAF

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Rocstor Rocmount Pro-M Mac Pro Mounting Solutions

Rocmount®ProM CAF Cool Air Flow Fan is a perfect solution to dispense heat that is generated by Mac Pro or to the thermal heat that is caused by equipment heat in a rack environment. Thermal Management plays a critical role in overall system reliability, so RocstorProM CAF offers the perfect solution to move the heat that is caused by Mac Pro quietly in a crowded Rackspace.

The ProM CAF fan features a 120mm x 38mm, 2000 rpm, 52 cfm cooling fan (120V, 50/60 Hz) preinstalled on a custom mounting bracket which in turn installs on the ProM DRM or Dual mounting bracket with just four supplied machine screws, the ProM CAF Fan module has rubber gasket surface which engages directly with the "top" (exhaust) side of the Mac Pro. This option enhances airflow in restricted areas. The kit has a preinstalled finger guard and six foot 120V power cord, and can be added to a in just few minutes. The ProM CAF option is a whisper-quiet 30db(A) and when used with the Mac Pro, it is completely quiet and cannot be heard.

RocmountProM Series brackets are built and designed in USA and features with 18 gauge ruggedized design construction and feature a stylish finished high-gloss black baked-on powder coating for long life.


  • Dispense heat for ProM bracket mounts
  • Features a 120mm x 38mm, 2000 rpm, 52 cfm cooling fan
  • Whisper-quiet 30db(A)
  • Ruggedized design construction

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