Rocstor Volt SC32 Sync & Charging

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Rocstor Volt SC32 is designed tosecurely Sync, Charge, and Store tablets up to 13 inch diagonal screensize. This innovative cart has a large compartment with up to 32individual, smoothedged shelves foreasy, quick, and safe loading and unloading, and a separate drawer compartment to store notebook, and power adapters

Innovative Charging System
Rocstor's innovative cart design and engineering provide the charging system for easy setup, and secure day to day usage. The rear compartment of Volt SC32 is organized with two banks of 16 outlets, each with 16 cable channels, keeping the cables and power adapters well organized and structured.

Designed to Last
Rocstor's heavy duty steel cabinet is designed to be durable and last lifetime. Top surface is made with heavy duty rubber which provides a tight grip with your notebook placement.

Simultaneous Charge
Provides simultaneous charging for up to 32 devices.
  • Carries load with ease
  • Sturdy and durable Steel

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