Sennheiser Tourguide HDE 2020-D-II Earphone

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HDE 2020-D stethoset Tourguide receiver is the comfortable to wear receiver of the digital Tourguide System 2020-D. This truly unique device integrates both the receiver and headphones and delivers a number of advantages for you. No longer will your audience have to carry any more equipment than is absolutely necessary. Being a one piece device, they will no longer risk a tangle of cables! The powerful battery ensures that the device will work for up to 8 hours. Regardless of whether you are providing your tour in a big city or a large corporation, Tourguide 2020-D will ensure that your tour will proceed without interruption.

The stethoset receiver automatically deactivates itself the moment that it is taken off, meaning battery life will be preserved. No longer will the Tourguide need to check all of the sets after one tour finishes and before the next tour starts. Your tour participants will be able to individually adjust the volume through a rotary control on the receiver, without the need to even take the device off. An LC display will clearly confirm the volume, battery status, quality of reception and the channel being listened to. Channels can easily be set and adjusted by using the middle buttons. The reception range is about 100 m if your tour is outdoors and about 50 m if your tour is indoors.

  • Go wireless and enjoy the music you loved most at a distance of up to 328.1 ft
  • Delight yourself with music and movies throughout your home with this RF wireless earphone that boasts a wireless range of up to 328.1 ft
  • Stay connected smoothly with a wireless range of 328.1 ft
  • Indulge yourself in quality stereo sound mode
  • Hear every detail crisp and clear with a frequency response of 100 Hz-7 kHz
  • Features under-the-chin earpiece design
  • In-ear form factor gives you the least amount of outside distractions between your music and your ears

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