SIIG HDMI Coupler Adapter

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SIIG's HDMI Coupler Adapter lets you connect two HDMI cables together to enable longer distance device connection while maintaining smooth A/V signals streaming. It supports high resolutions of up to 4K with 3D to deliver ultra-high definition crystal clear picture quality. Two HDMI female connectors with gold plating are built to resist corrosion and to ensure reliable conductivity for optimal signal transmission. This high performance HDMI Coupler Adapter is an economical solution allowing you to connect 2 shorter HDMI cables together to extend the cable distance, saving the upgrade cost of acquiring one longer distance cable.

  • Streams A/V signals smoothly and supports high resolutions up to 4K with 3D
  • Compatible with HDMI male cables and the latest HDMI standards
  • Gold-plated connectors resist corrosion and improve conductivity for optimal performance
  • No external power source required, grip-textured sides for ease of use

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