1U 60x10mm Socket 7-370 CPU Cooler Fan w- Copper Heatsink & TX3

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This 60x10mm Socket 7/370 CPU Cooler helps keep your 1U servers running smoothly, by providing a reliable, cost-effective server cooling solution.
The server CPU cooler features a copper base and socket-type CPU fan, ensuring rapid heat dissipation in the reduced space of a 1U server environment.
The CPU cooler is powered through a simple TX3 connection to the server power supply, and is suitable for all Intel Celeron/PIII processors and AMD Athlon/Duron processors up to 1GHz.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Up to 5000 fan speed and heavy-duty shroud ensure safe and effective cooling
  • Features ball bearing to improve longevity, silence, and stability
  • The competent cooling system is specially designed for standard processors

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