30m 100 ft 4K HDMI Cable - Active HDMI Cable - 4K 60Hz - 100 ft HDMI Cable - Fiber Optic HDMI Cable - High Speed HDMI Cable

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This 4K HDMI® cable provides a 100 ft. (30 m) connection between your HDMI devices, with no signal loss. The cable supports HDMI 2.0 devices, and it's backward compatible with all of your older HDMI devices.

Flexible 100 ft. HDMI cable connections

The active HDMI cable's built-in amplifier circuitry boosts the HDMI signal with no external power required. The booster circuit, combined with the optical cable, supports longer connections than a typical HDMI cable.

The cable features a mixture of both fiber and copper wire, which provides a thinner core than regular copper HDMI cables and makes it perfect for installation in narrow spaces. The fiber composition also makes the cable immune to EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference).

Support for all HDMI 2.0 specifications

This 100 ft. HDMI cable supports resolutions of up to 4K@60Hz (3840x2160p) and bandwidths of up to 18Gbps. It supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) for higher contrast ratio and vivid colors, as well as 32 uncompressed digital audio channels, to provide crystal-clear sound.

The HD2MM30MAO is backed by a 2-year Warranty.

Please Note: This cable features unidirectional architecture which requires that the cable is installed in a specific direction. Please refer to the "source" and "display" labels on the HDMI connectors, in order to ensure that the device and the HDMI source are connected properly.

  • Built-in, active amplifier circuitry
  • Fiber-optic and copper wire
  • EMI/RFI immunity ensures a reliable A/V signal in any environment
  • Supports all HDMI 2.0 specifications
  • Supports resolutions up to 4K@60Hz
  • Provides connection distances up to 100 feet (30 meters)

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