Tripp Lite 20kVA Hot-Swappable Power Module 18kW 208-120V 220-127V SV UPS

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Hot-swappable power module increases the output capacity of your Tripp Lite SV Series UPS system by20kVA 18kW to keep up with your data center's growing network infrastructure.


The SV20PM SmartOnline® Hot-Swappable Power Module mounts in your Tripp Lite SV Series UPSsystem to help you meet the needs of your growing IT infrastructure. Configurable for additional outputcapacity or N+1 redundancy, the SV20PM is rated at 0.9 power factor for maximum power to theconnected load. You can remove or replace the hot-swap module without powering down equipment orhiring technicians, which maximizes uptime, simplifies maintenance and reduces service expenses. It fitsinto the equivalent of 3U of rack space in your UPS system for exceptional power density.

Compatible with Tripp Lite SV Series models SV20KL, SV40KL, SV60KL, SV80KL, SV100KL, SV120KL,SV140KL7P and SV140KL8P (Large Frame), SV20KM1P1B, SV20KM1P2B, SV20KM1P3B,SV20KM1P4B, SV40KM2P2B, SV40KM2P3B, SV40KM2P4B, SV60KM3P3B, SV60KM3P4B andSV80KM4P4B (Medium Frame), SV20KS1P1B, SV20KS1P2B, SV20KS1P3B, SV40KS2P2B,SV40KS2P3B and SV60KS3P3B (Small Frame).

  • Occupies the equivalent of 3U of rack space in UPS system
  • Rated at 0.9 power factor for max power to connected load
  • Supports hot-swap installation and replacement
  • Configurable for additional capacity or N+1 redundancy
  • Compatible with 208/120V220/127V SV Series UPS systems

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