Tripp Lite Preventive Maintenance 10-20kVA NonParallel UPS 2Unit Out Bus Hr

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Keep your UPS in peak condition! UPS systems with preventive maintenance are much less likely to experience downtime. Our comprehensive service helps prevent breakdowns, extend equipment lifespan and reduce your cost of ownership.

A Tripp Lite certified technician will visit your site, clean and inspect your UPS, test for functionality and check for adverse environmental conditions. At the conclusion of service, the technician will provide a written report detailing work completed and recommendations for any additional corrective action required.


  • On-site service outside normal business hours for select 10-20 kVA parallel UPS systems
  • Travel and labor by Tripp Lite certified technician in USA (lower 48 states)
  • Inspection, cleaning, evaluation and testing of UPS systems
  • Recommendations to correct installation or environmental problems noted
  • Detailed report of work completed and action items not covered by service
  • Log of serial numbers and UPS locations to aid asset management

  • Protects your investment and adds value with increased reliability
  • Features Preventive Maintenance service that helps you handle any mishaps
  • On-site support provides fast and easy approach to solve the issues

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