Veracity PinPoint Wireless Focus and Setup Adapter

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Focus and adjust IP cameras on your smart device with PINPOINT Wireless

Veracity's PINPOINT Wireless solves a common problem and makes POE IP camera installation easy by adding a wireless link near the camera, allowing connection to a smartphone, tablet or laptop for local image display.

Save time and money

Setting up the focus and direction of IP cameras often involves the installer working with a partner in the control room who can see its image. It is a trial and error process, using phone or radio communication to attempt to get a satisfactory image.

Using PINPOINT Wireless however, a single installer can get the camera set up in considerably less time, while being able to configure the camera precisely for the best image possible.

Universal compatibility

PINPOINT Wireless is compatible with the IEEE 802.3af POE that is used by most IP cameras, as well as most POE Plus and non-standard types of POE up to 30 watts. An LED indicator confirms that POE is being delivered to the camera.

It is compatible with both 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX Ethernet, and includes wireless connection to a smartphone or tablet.

Designed for your tool kit

Simple, tough construction and compact dimensions mean that PINPOINT Wireless can be used again and again as a reliable IP video installation tool.

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