Verbatim Wireless Notebook 6-Button Deluxe Blue LED Mouse - Purple

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Wireless Notebook 6-Button Deluxe Mouse takes navigation and computing efficiency to a new level. Multi-button functionality enables you to navigate within and between applications for the ultimate computing experience. Blue LED technology lets you navigate on virtually any surface - from a glass tabletop to granite countertop. 2.4GHz wireless performance allows lag-free cursor movement. The mouse connects to the computer via a nano receiver so it's small enough to plug in and leave connected - great for computing on-the-go. When not in use, the receiver stores conveniently inside the battery compartment. Scroll wheel lets you click to scroll within your web browser or documents so no need to move mouse. Use the back/forward buttons to easily navigate between pages in your browser. Other functions include a standard left/right button and Windows 8 Home Button.

  • Ergonomic design - Contoured shape with easy-grip surface makes computing comfortable for hours.
  • Wireless - 2.4GHz wireless reliability and performance via Nano Receiver small enough to plug in and leave connected. For added convenience, receiver may also be stored inside mouse.
  • Blue LED Technology - Navigate with precision and control on virtually any surface, including glass, granite countertops, hardwood floors, carpeting and more! *
  • Windows 8 Home button - enhances Windows 8 experience - launch applications quickly and easily
  • Back/Forward Buttons - easily navigate between pages in your browser
  • Scroll wheel - easily scroll within web browser or documents - no need to move mouse

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