Vertiv Geist Rack PDU - Combination Outlet| C13/C19| 30A| 120/208V WYE (VP43302)

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The Vertiv Geist NI30686 rPDU is a versatile rack power distribution unit featuring 36 Combination C13/C19 Outlets. The NI30686 is a 30A, 120/208V three phase WYE upgradeable rack PDU with a L21-30P plug and 10ft power cord. The NI30686 provides unit level remote power monitoring and environmental monitoring capabilities with the addition of optional environmental sensors. Remotely monitor and manage the rPDU through any web browser or via serial communication. The Combination C13/C19 Outlets accommodate C14 and C20 plugs interchangeably. The high retention outlets reduce the risk of costly downtime from accidental disconnections of the power cord and are also P-Lock compatible. The hot-swappable IMD provides peace of mind that as business needs change the technology can easily be updated.

  • PDU improves efficiency, uptime and growth of data centers
  • Before critical input source become overloaded always be warned with monitored PDUs
  • Combination C13/C19 receptacle type to ensure maximum usability and reliable power output
  • Three Phase phase PDU provides optimal power output with added usability
  • NEMA L21-30P plug/connector type for better, dependable connectivity and desired power output
  • 230 V AC input voltage for optimal performance with maximum usability
  • 240 V AC output voltage for better reliance and maximum usability

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