Vertiv VRC - Server Rack Cooling Unit - 3.5kW| 12000BTU| 120V 60Hz (VRC100KIT)

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The Vertiv VRC100KIT is a self-contained server rack cooling unit that provides reliable and efficient cooling for critical IT equipment located in small server rooms, network closets, and edge computing spaces. This 120V 1ph 60Hz unit delivers up to 3,500 watts (12,000 BTU) of cooling power in a compact form that is also designed for easy installation. The small air cooler takes up only 10U of space in standard 19-inch racks, saving valuable floor area and helping direct cold air towards IT equipment. Variable speed fans and compressor continually match IT loads to help the unit consume energy efficiently. The VRC's high sensible cooling provides the cooling that your IT gear needs. The kit is shipped with all necessary components for deployment by the end user, though installation services are offered. SNMP and ModBus Monitoring cards are included to give users remote access of the unit. The VRC comes with a one-year warranty, that can be extended to a three-year warranty.

More from the Manufacturer

  • 12000 BTU air conditioner delivers up to 3.5kW of sensible cooling for equipment in small IT rooms
  • 120V 60Hz 1ph air cooler that takes up only 10 in standard racks, saving IT floorspace
  • Variable speed fans and compressor help this data center cooling unit consume energy efficiently
  • Server rack cooling unit that can be installed even by internal staff
  • Add two years on top of the default one-year replacement warranty for extended protection

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