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Zebra printers play a vital role in your business operations. All too often, however, they are introduced as one of the last steps in your project's timeline. An efficient and well defined implementation is a critical step in delivering your project on time, on budget and producing the anticipated benefits from your new technology investment.

With Zebra's Install & Configure Assist (ICA) service, you can mitigate the common missteps that occur in a significant number of deployments, therefore decreasing deployment time and improving the performance of your printer.

The Challenge: Rapid, Optimized Printer Deployment
When installing a new thermal printer to support your critical business operations, you need to get your printer up and running quickly and performing properly right from the start. Your Zebra printer is a powerful piece of technology, capable of running a variety of media and integrating with many systems. And while this flexibility is a great asset, the reality is that numerous variables - including powering up, connecting to a network, configuring for specific media, optimizing print quality and calibration - can impact the efficiency and quality of your printer deployment.

To get the most from your printer's powerful capabilities, it must be configured and optimized for your specific operational environment. Unfortunately, with hundreds of possible printer settings, installing and configuring a thermal printer can be a time-consuming and specialized task even for the most experienced IT teams.

The Solution: An Engineered Deployment Process Managed by Zebra Experts
Our support of millions of printers and years of experience in guiding successful printer implementations worldwide have provided us with deep insights into deployment and operational considerations. While many companies take a "trial and error" approach to the installation and configuration of these powerful and specialized thermal printers, this can needlessly extend initial time to deploy. Zebra data shows this "trial and error" approach leads to rework and post implementation support requests which can lead to further disruption to your operations.

Leveraging direct access to Zebra printer expertise optimizes the deployment of these powerful print technologies. The ICA service uses an engineered, proven installation and configuration process supported by purpose-built tools and delivered by trained Zebra professionals - which saves you time, money and unnecessary headaches while also allowing your IT team to tap into our vast knowledge and expertise.

The Key to a Predictable, Quality Implementation
There are many variables that can impact the efficiency and quality of your implementation - powering up and connecting to a network, configuring for specific media and optimizing print quality and calibration. By tapping into Zebra's deep expertise, you will immediately start down the right path to a predictable timeline and quality implementation.

As an ICA customer, a Zebra trained technician guides you through the engineered, tested and proven step-by-step process using specialized set-up utility tools to deliver predictability - in time and quality - of your implementation. From unpacking and power up straight through to an optimized printing of your first labels and the capture of your configuration - you get a quality implementation for your Zebra printer.

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