American Tech Depot is home of the The American Line Toner. American Tech Depot helps businesses save time and money on printing costs. We provide the latest name brand products in routers, switches, cables, CPUs, microprocessors, SSDs, graphic cards, gaming computers, gaming mouse and keyboards, computers, printers, toners,  tablets, phones, notebooks, motherboards, monitors, cameras, televisions and electronics. Our upbeat and knowledgeable product specialists are always available and grateful to answer all your questions. We have over 10 years of expertise and knowledge working in the technology and imaging ecosystem. We are partnered with the largest and most efficient distributors in our industry. We also have partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, Meraki, Lenovo, and many others! These partnerships enable us to provide world class products and customer service to all our valued customers. We tailor each customers experience to their specific needs. All of our product specialists and team members are located in the United States. Each customer receives personalized service with the utmost attention to detail. American Tech Depot hopes you and your family are doing outstanding! We are delighted to serve you and grateful for your business! 

P: 1-800-760-7550


64 E. Broadway Rd. Suite 241 Tempe, AZ 85282


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