Ambir AC Power Adapter for Duplex Scanners (RP800-AC)

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Scan faster with an AC adapter from Ambir. Designed exclusively for our duplex document and card scanners, the AC adapter plugs into the DS820i, DS820ix, DS825, DS835ix and DocketPORT 1020, powering the scanner through an AC outlet. This direct power connection lets you scan faster, saving time and increasing efficiency.

The AC adapter's direct power also helps when using a USB hub or switch. Some hubs and switches cannot supply the necessary power to the scanner. With an Ambir AC adapter, you get a reliable source of power for uninterrupted scanning.

  • Power up your portable devices with the constant voltage supply
  • Delivers constant 24 V DC for smooth functioning & charging of the device
  • 750 mA helps charge quickly

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