BD-R 25GB 16X with Branded Surface - 50pk Spindle

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Designed to store large HD video and audio files, Blu-Ray Recordable (BD-R) discs can handle up to 1080p resolution video and multiple audio formats. BD-R discs have a storage capacity of 25GB, allowing you to use fewer discs while backing up or duplicating HD digital recordings. All Verbatim BD-R media features HardCoat™ to protect against scratches, fingerprints and dust build-up, reducing playback and recording errors. These are one-time record discs, ensuring that your video, music or other information will not be erased. BD-R's are ideal for recording HDTV programs or backing up your music collection.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Treated with Hard Coat™ to prevent scratches and prolong disc life
  • Available up to 16X write speed
  • 25GB storage capacity, 1080p resolution

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