Belkin F7C01008Q Conserve Switch 8-Outlets Surge Suppressor

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Control Standby Power to Your Whole Computer System

Now you can control power to your whole computer system with a single click. The Conserve Switch Surge Protector with Remote lets you shut off power-including standby power-to all of your components with one touch of the wireless remote switch.

One-Click Control

The wireless remote controls six Remote-Switched outlets for all your peripherals-your monitor, printer, external hard drives, speakers and more. Two Always-On outlets stay on for devices that need continuous power, like your wireless router or cordless phone. Place the remote on your desk or shelf, or mount it on the wall, for the convenient way to save energy.

  • Protect your electronic devices, home entertainment system and your appliances from serious power surges
  • 8 receptacles to protect your equipment from transient surges
  • Protect your sensitive devices with 1000 J energy rating
  • Easily connect to a wall outlet with 4 ft cord

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