Belkin Serial Extension Cable

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Our Serial Extension Cable gives you more flexibility in arranging your desktop. Now you can extend the reach of your serial mouse, CGA/EGA video monitor, or any other device with DB9 connectors to your PC. It's the perfect solution for serial devices with short cables. Thumbscrews make installation easy, and our Belkin Lifetime Warranty guarantees long-term durability.

  • Helps meet FCC requirements on electromagnetic/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) with aluminum undermold shield
  • Provides excellent signal transmission with 28-gauge, stranded, tinned-copper conductors
  • Ensures a lifetime of error-free data transmission with molded-strain relief and PVC overmolding construction
  • Adds durability with Flextec™ PVC rubberized cable jacket
  • Comes with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty
  • Provides maximum conductivity with no data loss with gold-plated copper contacts
  • Features thumbscrews for easy installation
  • Works with serial mouse, CGA/EGA video monitors, and devices with DB9 connectors

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