Black Box 6-Port (MS-6) Modem Splitter

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Quick Facts
  • Modem sharing for six users.
  • Includes a DB25 extension cable and a serial AT® adapter.
  • Perfect for workgroups that need limited data communications or only connect to the Internet occasionally.
  • Inexpensive, nonpowered, easy to use.
  • Use with sync or async devices.

Further Details

Use our Modem Splitter to connect six terminals to one modem and save money-you won't need extra modems and extra lines!

No special cables are needed. It uses ordinary straight-pinned cables for hookup, and includes a 6-ft. DB25 male/DB25 female extension cable and a serial DB9 female/DB25 male AT adapter.

The Modem Splitter is transparent to speed and protocol, and works equally well in sync and async environments.

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