Black Box DKM FX HD Video and Peripheral Matrix Switch

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Give multiple users fast, reliable access to high-quality, real-time digital video - plus a whole host of peripherals across the enterprise - with the top-of-the-line DKM FX HD Video and Peripheral Matrix Switch system.

This chassis-based, modular crosspoint switching system enables you and others to switch and extend HD video, audio, and serial data over extremely long distances. Use it in any application where many users have to interface with CPUs and other high-end AV equipment supporting high-quality video. Plus, it works as a video matrix switch.

Using non-blocking switch technology, the DKM FX processes and routes DVI single-link resolutions, including Full HD 1080p, with little or no delay of video - even at screens far away from the switching chassis itself. The DKM FX also supports Display Port video signals up to 4K60.

What's more, it not only supports DVI-D digital video, but also VGA video and connections to a wide array of peripherals, including USB HID, USB 2.0, RS232, and IR devices, Wacom® tablets, and even legacy PS/2 keyboards and mice.

It's especially ideal for enterprise networks and mission-critical control/command rooms, as well as video production or broadcasting applications where HD video is everything. Many users can connect their KVM consoles to various multimedia sources (computers, CPUs, servers, etc.), either locally or in a distant room or office via the switch.

And it's very flexible. The DKM FX HD Video and Peripheral Matrix Switch enables you to configure HD KVM switching and DVI routing exactly as you require. Mix and match fiber and CATx ports through cards and SFPs plugged into its slots.

With the switch, you get a controller card, which has USB keyboard/mouse and HDMI monitor connectors for local KVM administration; a dual RJ-45 port for interfacing up with your network and a client machine that has the DKM FX Java tool installed; and a serial port for control via an external RS232 device; and an SDI gunlock interface. Because the card has a built-in CPU, you can control all functions from any console without the need for an external CPU or media controller.

OS platform independent, the switch and its controller card can be accessed by Windows®, Linux®, and/or Mac OS® users.

Versatile Switching Capabilities

Switching can be performed using an on-screen display (OSD), keyboard commands, or through a local serial console connection at the rack. You can also switch from a remote site via a DKM or DKM FX extender. Or control it via a Creston® or AMX® keypad controller plugged into the extender. No matter the route, KVM switching can be shared with any other KVM user, connected directly or connected remotely through a ServSwitch DKM Extender.

Switches within Milliseconds

Users can switch seamlessly and almost instantaneously from the ServSwitch DKM FX Matrix KVM Switch. It takes just milliseconds for this to happen (similar IP-based types of solutions can take as long as 15 seconds to perform this action).

Reduces Downtime

Modular in design, the ServSwitch DKM FX enables you to change peripheral and CPU connections on the fly and ensure zero downtime. Add or remove cards and SFPs in the slots and reroute inputs and outputs while the DKM FX HD Video and Peripheral Matrix Switch system's up and running.

Designed for Easy Expansion

Add connections and change inputs/outputs as your enterprise needs evolve. When a department purchases new hardware, just slide a new interface card into the chassis. You can also cascade multiple switch chassis if you exceed the number of available ports.

  • Terabit-speed switching backplane.
  • Supports resolutions up to UHD (3840x2160 @ 60Hz) with compatible extenders.
  • Enables mixing of media inputs/outputs-CATx and/or Fiber.
  • Instantaneous video switching - virtually no delay or blanking.
  • Modular, no fixed ports - moves, adds, and changes are quick and easy.
  • Various interface cards available (USB HID/2.0, RS232, and others).
  • Can be used with DKM or DKM FX extenders for extra-long links.
  • Supports rich, digital audio for a full multimedia experience.
  • Rackmountable 4U-high chassis.
  • Choose from CATx and single-mode fiber SFP modular card interfaces. Single-mode fiber interfaces will also work over multimode fiber.

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