Black Box Fiber Optic A-B-C-D Desktop Switch - Latching, ST Multimode



  • The non-latching version falls back to C-to-A position if power is lost.
  • Operate transparently to signal rates, formats, and wavelengths, and don't require an upgrade when your data protocols change or speeds increase.
  • Work with 62.5-/125-micron multimode.
  • Universal 100-240-VAC power supply.
There's a reason why these types of manual switches continue to be the switches of choice for networking professionals everywhere: The tried-and-true optical switches perform as promised year after year.

They're reliable because they use micro-mirrors instead of electronics to route data signals from one fiber optic port to the next. And unlike conventional electronic switches, there are no complex and vulnerable electronic circuits to monitor and protect from intrusion, component failure, or interference.

The switches are available in latching and non-latching models. The optical mirror movement on the latching version maintains the selected position even when there's a power failure.

  • No optical-to-electrical conversion between fiber connections. Instead, the switch uses internal mirrors to optically move data between ports.
  • Simple to use. To route signals, just turn a knob on the front panel.
  • For reliable switching in mission-critical environments, the micro-mirrors are bonded to precise positioning servos.
  • This Latching switches maintains its current position if power is lost.
  • Work with 62.5-/125-micron multimode.
  • Universal 100-240-VAC power supply.
  • The micro-mirrors on these full-duplex fiber switches optically transmit data port to port.
  • Ideal for government, healthcare, financial, or other applications where a private, data-sensitive network connects to a publicly accessible network.
  • Enable you to connect a single workstation to two or more networks or remote devices.

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