Black Box FlexPoint T1-E1 MT663A-SSC Transceiver-Media Converter

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  • Easy to install.
  • Connects T1 or E1 PBXs, CSUs, or routers over fiber to protect against noise and increase network reliability.
  • Supports AMI, B8ZS, and HDB3 line codes.
  • A crossover switch on the RJ-45/RJ-48 port enables easy equipment connections.
  • Extensive diagnostics, including local and remote fiber loopback switches.
  • LEDs display T1/E1 link status, modes of operation, and line segment errors.
  • To conveniently rackmount up to five FlexPoint Fiber Converters, use the optional 5-Position Rackmounting Kit (LMC205). To order, see "Related Products".
  • Use optional Wallmounting Hardware (LMC206-WALL) to mount individual FlexPoint Fiber Converters on virtually any surface (also available under "Related Products".)

Use this flexible converter/line driver to connect your T1 or E1 devices to single-mode fiber to get extra distance, as well as protection from environmental noise.

FlexPoint™ Converters from Black Box are versatile and cost-effective standalone converters that you can upgrade to a chassis-based system. They provide the ultimate in flexibility and reliability for your expanding multimedia LAN.

The incredible variety and versatility of this system make it ideal for networks that are subject to constant upgrades and changes.

Tailor the system to your requirements. Get the converters you need now and use them individually. Then, when your LAN grows, mount your converters on the wall, in the FlexPoint 5-Position Rackmounting Kit, or in the FlexPoint Power Chassis. The chassis holds 14 converters and single or dual AC power supplies.

  • Powered by a universal AC power supply or the optional rackmountable chassis.
  • A crossover switch on the RJ-45/RJ-48 port enables easy equipment connections.
  • Supports AMI, B8ZS, and HDB3 line codes.

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